Unable to access Airbyte UI via airbyte-webapp-svc, only by direct IP to pod

  • Is this your first time deploying Airbyte?: Yes
  • OS Version / Instance: Windows Server 2019 accessing Kubernetes on Azure
  • Memory / Disk: not sure
  • Deployment: Kubernetes
  • Airbyte Version: 0.35.65-alpha
  • Description: Using CRDs from kube/overlays/stable for installation. Trying to connect to the airbyte-webapp-svc and/or its associated IP address does not resolve to the Airbyte UI. If I access the IP of the backend pod directly I can bring up the Airbyte UI and it functions normally. If I try to access the UI via the IP address of the airbyte-webapp-svc service it times out. Running curl against the IP of the airbyte-webapp-svc also times out.

Here is the configuration of the webapp service:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
    kubectl.kubernetes.io/last-applied-configuration: |
  creationTimestamp: "2022-04-18T22:00:25Z"
  name: airbyte-webapp-svc
  namespace: airbyte
  resourceVersion: "22509560"
  uid: 89c48b2a-0abe-44ea-ba4b-ce686961ee52
  clusterIP: 10.0.x.x (masked for privacy)
  - 10.0.x.x (masked for privacy, same IP as above)
  - IPv4
  ipFamilyPolicy: SingleStack
  - port: 80
    protocol: TCP
    targetPort: 80
    airbyte: webapp
  sessionAffinity: None
  type: ClusterIP
  loadBalancer: {}

What command are you doing to port-forward the access to the Airbyte service?

Instead of using a command I have a gateway and virtual service set up for data to go to the airbyte-webapp-svc service. The main reason for this is because in order to use the port forwarding command (kubectl port-forward svc/airbyte-webapp-svc 8000:80 --namespace airbyte) it requires a separate command window to be running at all times on the Windows Server used to access Kubernetes.

but if you use port-forward it works?

It only works if I use localhost:8000 or the IP of the current web app pod from my Windows machine in Chrome/Firefox. If I try to use the IP of the airbyte-webapp-svc it does not resolve and times out.

For that I think you need to create a nginx service and allow to connect to the service. See docs in Kubernetes: Connecting Applications with Services | Kubernetes

Thank you for the info. Can you confirm that the nginx service and/or load balancer needs to be pointed at the service called airbyte-webapp-svc? This seems to be where things get lost. I’ve pointed it to “airbyte-webapp-svc” and “webapp” and neither will resolve. I’m using the stock install of Airbyte from Github.

Yes, I made one example using Google GKE. I’d changed the type of airbyte-webapp-servicefrom NodePort to LoadBalancer after redeploying it should works.

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