Amazon Ads API endpoints

I see that Amazon Ads is in Beta. Are you able to give an update on the upcoming AAs API endpoints we could access directly from Airbyte? (If that is what’s being worked on).
I am looking to build the /sb/campaigns endpoint on Sponsored Display at the moment. I wanted to check on the Beta progress before working on this. Thank you!

Hello and welcome to the community, @sagew4. You can find all the supported endpoints in the documentation here:

It does look like the /sb/campaigns is currently supported. Does this answer your question?

Yes I see that the endpoint is supported. However, I am wondering if it is possible to utilize the query parameters that are in Amazon’s documentation for that endpoint. Specifically the stateFilter parameter that they have listed- thanks!

I just looked through the connector code, and the stateFilter parameter is not being used at this time. If you’d like to open a feature request or contribute a PR, you are certainly welcome to do so!

Thanks for looking! I was wondering if this was a connection that Airbyte is working on since Amazon Ads is in Beta right now. If not, I’ll move forward with a PR!

Ah, gotcha! Sorry I didn’t understand your question form the get go. Usually you can see everything that the teams are working on in our GitHub, just look through open issues and PRs.

There is an epic related to the amazon ads source, I’d ask about adding issues to it directly in the thread: