Zero data for specific Amazon Ads API streams in Airbyte


The user is experiencing issues with specific streams (SPONSORED_BRANDS_REPORT_STREAM_METRIC and SPONSORED_BRANDS_REPORT_STREAM) from the Amazon Ads API not populating data in Airbyte, despite re-syncing with different approaches. Other tables in Snowflake are getting populated, but these specific tables remain empty. User suspects either an issue with Airbyte or the Amazon Ads API.


I’m using Airbyte to query Amazon Ads API, and there’s 0 data for SPONSORED_BRANDS_REPORT_STREAM_METRIC and SPONSORED_BRANDS_REPORT_STREAM. I’ve re-synced it twice, both with trying incremental dedupe approach and then full refresh overwrite, but there’s still 0 data in the end tables (the other Snowflake tables get populated with data).

I can see non-video brand ad campaigns in sponsored_brands_campaigns table but the 2 above tables are empty which means I don’t get any click or impressions data for those campaigns.

Does anyone know if this is likely an Airbyte problem with those 2 streams, or this is an Amazon Ads API problem?

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