Building custom connector image for MSSQL source connector


User wants to make a small change to the MSSQL source connector to allow syncing the CDC schema and build a custom connector image. They are struggling with the Gradle approach and the complexity of the Airbyte repository structure.


Naive question here, I want to make a change to one line in the mssql source connector, and then build my own docker image to use it as if it’s a custom connector. But that connector appears to be using the gradle approach, and when I clone the entire airbyte repo and let vs code spin up the devcontainer, frankly it’s a little over my head in terms of what all is happening, and the repo is huge.

Is there a simple way to just grab the mssql source code, make my small change (I want to allow syncing the cdc schema), and build an image I can use on my server? Or do I have to learn gradle and vs code conteainer development etc to even touch these connectors that don’t have a docker-compose.yaml in them?

Edit - I tried cloning the repo down, removing the connectors I didn’t care about, starting my own fresh branch pointed at a new repo so I don’t mess with anything the community is doing, making the change I wanted, then running ./gradlew :airbyte-integrations:connectors:source-mssql:buildConnectorImage, which seemed to run through although slowly. I have a new file in the container’s build/distributions folder, and it’s a tar that contains a java application, and that I’m not sure what to do with if connectors are typically docker images. What I don’t see is a new image in either my main PC’s docker desktop, or from running docker images in the vs code devcontainer.

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