Rebuilding Docker Image for Custom Connector in Airbyte


The user is looking for documentation on how to rebuild a Docker image for a custom connector in Airbyte, specifically to modify the .jar file in the DB2 source connector to connect to an AS400 database.


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I am new in Airbyte and trying to POC the software for my company. I saw that we are able to create custom connectors and I am trying to find the tutorial on how to rebuild an existing connector.
What I want to achieve is to change the .jar file in the DB2 source connector to be able to connect to AS400 database.
Is there any documentation on how to rebuild docker image for this ?


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Iā€™m not well versed in Java sources docs ā€” I think the easiest path for you would be to just read the code of the source in question.|[ā€¦]src/main/java/io.airbyte.integrations.source.db2/

Good luck!

As for building the source as a custom component once you made the change ā€” standard airbyte-ci connectors --name source-as4000 build will work