Can I build a product on top of Airbyte?

Hello everyone, I was wondering whether is possible to use the airflow connectors to build a solution and sell it. By reading this official link I thought that it would be possible to use just the airbyte connectors to create some commercial solution because its resides under MIT License, while the airbyte core is attached to ELv2 which prevents to sell it.

Can anyone help me with this, please? The real question is: Is it possible to create custom solutions just by using the airbyte conectors or do I need to use it attached to airbyte core’s?

Hi! Connectors are under MIT licenses, so you are free to build any product using these.
Airbyte’s core is ELv2, which basically means you are not allowed to offer a commercially hosted version of Airbyte. Let me know if it answers your question and feel free to share details about your project, we are always curious about the contexts in which Airbyte is used.

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