Can you run Airbyte on a Mac with Apple Silicon (M1) chips?

There are currently some outstanding issues before we can claim that Apple Silicon (M1) chips are fully supported by Airbyte.

The problem is inherently related with the chip and Docker. This issue was created to address all issues relating to M1 support, so we’d recommend subscribing to it to get updates about the resolution.

If you can successfully run Airbyte with an M1 chip, let us know so that we can share the process with the community!

Have tried building from source, etc. over the last week. Servers come up, sources seem to work OK (MySQL, Hubspot, few others).
Targets: MySQL fails to complete set up most of the time (no useful errors in logs), and fails to normalize data even when set up (loads up data into the JSON tables, but fails to reset for example). BigQuery hangs on setup (no errors). Could not get it to work for any transfers.

My suggestion would be to hold off, unless you want a hobby project and don’t mind pouring a lot of time into it.

Airbyte now supports deploy in Macbook with M1 chips. The issue Support running Airbyte on Mac M1 Docker · Issue #2017 · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub is fixed.