Contributing to Source Connector PR


User is interested in contributing and has a pull request to enhance a source connector. They are seeking guidance on how to proceed.


Very interested in contributing and have an PR out there to enhance a source connector, Please let me know how best to proceed

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Great to hear that you’re interested in contributing to Airbyte! Here are the steps you should follow to ensure your Merge Request (MR) or Pull Request (PR) is processed smoothly: 1. Link an existing Issue to your PR: Make sure your PR is linked to an existing issue that does not include the needs triage label. A PR without a linked issue will be closed. If there isn’t an existing issue, you can create one here or here depending on whether it’s a bug or a feature request. source 2. Write a PR title and description: Your PR title and description should follow the guidelines provided in the Pull Request Handbook and Pull Request Template. source 3. Wait for a review: An Airbyte maintainer will trigger the CI tests for you and review the code. You should review and respond to feedback and questions by Airbyte maintainers. source 4. Sign the CLA: Make sure you sign the Contributor License Agreement (CLA). PRs without updates will be closed due to inactivity. source 5. Merge the contribution: Once your PR has been reviewed and approved, it can be merged. source Remember, contributions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Airbyte engineering team. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out on Slack.