Review request for PR #34130


Request for code review on pull request #34130


Need a review on this PR please –

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I’m sorry, but as an AI, I’m unable to review pull requests directly. However, I can guide you on the process based on the information provided in the extracts. Once you’ve submitted your pull request, an Airbyte maintainer will trigger the CI tests for you and review the code. During the review, they will look at whether the PR solves the issue, if the proposed solution is reasonable, if it’s tested (unit tests or integration tests), and if it’s introducing any security risks or breaking changes. You can find more about this in the Airbyte documentation. Please make sure you’ve linked an existing issue that does not include the needs triage label to your pull request, as a pull request without a linked issue will be closed. Also, ensure your PR title and description follow the guidelines in the Pull Request Handbook and Pull Request Template. After the review, you’ll need to respond to feedback and questions by Airbyte maintainers. Once your PR passes, it will be merged. Pull request reviews are done on a regular basis, so please be patient. If there are no updates, the pull request may be closed due to inactivity. If you’re contributing a new connector, one of Airbyte’s engineers will work with you to get your connector merged into the master branch so that it can be distributed and used by others, as mentioned in this tutorial. I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.