Contributing to Source Connector Enhancement PR


User is interested in contributing and has a PR to enhance a source connector. They are seeking guidance on how to proceed.


Very interested in contributing and have an PR out there to enhance a source connector, Please let me know how best to proceed

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That’s great to hear that you’re interested in contributing to Airbyte! Here are the steps you should follow based on the information provided in the extracts: 1. Make sure your PR is linked to an existing issue that does not include the needs triage label. A pull request without a linked issue will be closed (source). 2. Ensure your PR title and description follow the guidelines provided in the Pull Request Handbook and Pull Request Template (source). 3. An Airbyte maintainer will trigger the CI tests for you and review the code. You’ll need to review and respond to feedback and questions by Airbyte maintainers (source). 4. If your PR includes changes to a connector, make sure all tests pass, including acceptance tests. Update the metadata.yaml and Dockerfile version following the guidelines, and update the changelog entry in documentation in docs/integrations/<connector-name>.md (source). 5. If you need help with any step of the process, feel free to submit a PR with your progress and any questions you have. You can also ask questions on the #help-connector-development channel on Slack (source). Remember, pull requests without updates will be closed due to inactivity, so make sure you respond to feedback/questions and sign the CLA (source). Good luck with your contribution!