Error accessing connections, sources, and destinations tabs after migrating Airbyte to EKS


After migrating Airbyte from EC2 to EKS with a remote RDS instance, encountering ‘unknown error occurred’ in UI tabs and ‘Uncaught exception java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid UUID string: f’ in server logs. Issue may be related to data dump and restore process.


Hi all,
I am migrating from Airbyte (v40.27) on ec2 with a local postgres instance to Airbyte (v40.15) on EKS using the helm chart. I have taken a dump of the pg database and restored it in a remote RDS instance. I subsequently ran helm install with the new RDS credentials and I received no error messages. However in the UI, when I click on the connections, sources and destinations tabs, I get unknown error occured within the UI. In the server logs, I see Uncaught exception java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid UUID string: f how can I resolve? Is this due to how the data was dumped and restored in PG given there is no problems with the data on the ec2 instance

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most likely, maybe upgrade first and them later make the migration to RDS instance

Thanks for the quick response. For a clean install there are no issues. I just used pg_dump and psql to restore, are you aware of any flags that would ensure that uuids maintain the correct format? Alternatively, is there a way to identify the incorrect UUID or would I have to systematically delete and restore via the API?

<@U02TQLBLDU4> On further investigation, the issue is specific to the connections table (If I run truncate table connection, connection_operation, state;), all pages in the UI load. The connections table has a few UUID columns - id, source_id , destination_id & source_catalog_id. If I add any row, the illegal UUID error message appears in the logs. Looking at an example where there is only 1 row in the connection table, the UUID’s are all valid in format and map to legitimate IDs in the other tables but the error persists, any ideas how to resolve?

If I create a connection using the /v1/web_backend/connections/create endpoint, I get a 200 response. However, this also causes java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid UUID string: f when I subsequently try load the connections page. This is for airbyte v0.40.15. What could be causing this issue as all UUID’s are valid?

I need to take a look o that

Thank you, is there any additional data you need?

This was the command to dump data from the local PG and restore in RDS instance if this helps at all:

PGPASSWORD=pwd psql -h host -p 5432 -U docker -d airbyte -f /airbyte_dump.sql```
The same operation was done to copy the temporal database

Can you confirm the RDS instance uses the same Postgres version 13?

The RDS Postgres version is 13.10 while the ec2 instance is 13.9. Will I see if downgrading the RDS to 13.9 would resolve the issue or given that they are so similar, is it more likely to be something else?

<@U02TQLBLDU4> Were you able to identify any other potential cause for this error?

Postgres 13 should be fine