Error connecting to DataDog stream audit_logs in Airbyte


Unable to connect to DataDog stream audit_logs in Airbyte, receiving a 403 Forbidden error message. Seeking help to successfully pull data from Datadog.


Hello Team,
We’re using a Airbyte Open Source (Local Deployment on Docker for M1 Mac)
We’re trying to connect to DataDog (specifically RUM events) from Airbyte. After entering the API key and Application key, we get the following error:

‘Unable to connect to stream audit_logs - Request to failed with status code 403 and error message Forbidden, Failed permission authorization checks’

Has anyone been successful in pulling data from Datadog?

(FYI We’ve also written a custom python script to pull this data, which works, and pulls data from Datadog everyday. The script uses the same API and App keys)

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