Error connecting to Google Analytics 4 in open source Airbyte


Configuration check failed with ‘Access was denied to the property ID entered’ error. Verify access to the Property ID or consider using Google Analytics.


Hi Team,

I am trying to connect to Google Analytics 4 from open source airbyte.
I get the following error

Configuration check failed
Access was denied to the property ID entered. Check your access to the Property ID or use Google Analytics

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Can you access data with the same account via the Query Explorer?

Hi <@U035912NS77>,

Yes, I am able to make a request and get a response successfully.

I am the admin on the GA4 side.

I went and created a service account on the cloud side - enabled api access - took the service account to GA4 and added as a viewer

This is happening on my opensource

Hm, we’re just fine off our service account. Was it the Google Analytics Data API you enabled? (I’ve seen this trip a lot of folks up since there are now 4 total—Analytics and Analytics Reporting for UA, and Analytics Data and Analytics Admin for GA4)

Also, verify that the ID being used is the numeric property ID (NOT the web stream ID used for collection)

You could also put together a little test script and see if you can connect from there, but since that’s specifically an authorization error I don’t expect you’ll find that this issue is Airbyte-related.