Error when running source connector connected to Google Drive file


Error message ‘Cannot invoke io.airbyte.config.StandardCheckConnectionOutput.getStatus()’ due to null return value of io.airbyte.config.ConnectorJobOutput.getCheckConnection(). Previously working setup.


Hey Everyone,

I have a source connector File (CSV, JSON, Excel, Feather, Parquet) which is connected to an excel file stored in a shared google drive. When I run or test this source connector I get the following error:

“Internal message: Cannot invoke “io.airbyte.config.StandardCheckConnectionOutput.getStatus()” because the return value of “io.airbyte.config.ConnectorJobOutput.getCheckConnection()” is null”

This was working until now.

Anyone having a similar issue?

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Note: This is closed as it seems it was just a transient issue. Stream is now working :slightly_smiling_face: