Error when testing and saving Facebook Pages as a source


Error message ‘Server temporarily unavailable (http.502.vNYTyfp8JbboP27R7Sy7FL)’ encountered when testing and saving Facebook Pages as a source.


I got this error when I try to test and save Facebook Pages as a source <@U04SE163WC8> Server temporarily unavailable (http.502.vNYTyfp8JbboP27R7Sy7FL)

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Based on the extracts provided, there isn’t a direct match for the specific error code http.502.vNYTyfp8JbboP27R7Sy7FL you’ve encountered while trying to test and save Facebook Pages as a source in Airbyte. However, a similar issue was mentioned in a discussion about hitting a custom API, where the error was Server temporarily unavailable (http.502.iDJnxkBNLVTvQNYMEJF1QR). This suggests that the problem might be related to server availability or connectivity issues rather than a specific configuration or setup error within Airbyte or the Facebook Pages source connector. While the exact cause of your error isn’t clear from the provided extracts, it’s possible that the issue could be temporary or related to the external API’s availability. Here are a few steps you might consider: 1. Retry the Connection: Sometimes, these errors are temporary and can be resolved by simply trying to connect again after a short period. 2. Check Airbyte and Facebook API Status: Ensure there are no ongoing issues with Airbyte’s services or Facebook’s API that could be causing the problem. 3. Review Airbyte Logs: The logs may provide more detailed information about the error. Look for any messages that might indicate what’s going wrong. Unfortunately, without more specific information or a direct reference to your error code in the extracts, I can’t provide a more detailed solution. If the problem persists, I recommend reaching out to Airbyte’s support or community forums with details of the error and any relevant logs for further assistance. For more information on troubleshooting or to seek further help, you might find the Airbyte community forums or GitHub discussions helpful: - Airbyte Community Forums: - Airbyte GitHub Discussions: Remember, when reaching out for help, providing detailed information about your environment, the steps leading up to the error, and any relevant logs can significantly improve the chances of finding a solution.

Hello <@U05C01HLMLL>, i have the same error , do you have any updates ?? , thanks