Error with null value in default_version_id in actor table after upgrading Airbyte


After upgrading Airbyte, errors are being thrown due to null value in default_version_id in the actor table.


After upgrading Airbyte it is throwing errors as null value in default_version_id in actor table of Airbyte ?

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Based on the information provided in the extracts, it seems like there might be an issue with the default_version_id in the actor table of your Airbyte database. This could be due to a problem in the process of creating the actor, the version referencing the actor, and then adding the default version referencing the version. As per the discussion in this Github issue, the decision was made to hard fail if the default_version_id is null. The column must be nullable to allow for the creation process, but it should never actually be null because the foreign key has “on delete restrict” which should prevent the default version from being deleted. If something goes wrong in the 3-step process of creating the actor, the version, and the default version, it could result in null values. In such cases, it’s recommended to handle these null values to cover all bases. If you’re experiencing this issue, it might be worth checking your database for any null values in the default_version_id column and handling them as necessary.