Errors when upgrading Airbyte version and testing connectors


Errors are showing when upgrading Airbyte from 0.50.7 to 0.50.33 and testing connectors, specifically ‘null value in column default_version_id’ in actor table.


Errors are showing when we upgraded Airbyte from 0.50.7 to 0.50.33 and testing connectors as “null value in column default_version_id” in actor table

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Based on the information provided in the extracts, it seems like you’re encountering an issue related to the default_version_id in the actor table after upgrading Airbyte. This issue might be related to the changes in how Airbyte handles actor definitions and versions. In one of the Github issues, it was mentioned that Airbyte should hard fail if the default_version_id is null. This is because the foreign key has “on delete restrict” which should prevent the default version from being deleted. However, the column must be nullable so that they can create the actor, then the version referencing the actor, then add the default version referencing the version. If you’re seeing errors related to a null default_version_id, it could be due to an issue in this process. Unfortunately, the extracts do not provide a specific solution to this issue. It would be best to report this issue on the Airbyte Github or ask for help in the Airbyte forum or Slack channel. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible about your setup and the exact error message you’re seeing.