Every connection sync is failing on Airbyte latest version [0.39.15 alpha] though same connection works fine in 0.35.31


I just upgraded my Airbyte from 0.35.31 alpha to 0.39.15 alpha version

After this I created a connection from GitHub to Redshift to replicate the data but it fails the sync every time. I tried with connector postgres and it also fails the connection.

I faced this issue previously as well, we then degraded it back to previous version and everything started working.

Can you help me to debug this issue, what is causing these sync failures

Here are the logs for the sync attempts

Attempt 01
Attempt-01.txt (132.5 KB)

Attempt 02
Attempt-01.txt (132.5 KB)

Attempt 03
Attempt-01.txt (132.5 KB)

Hey I could see this error The specified bucket does not exist (Service: S3, Status Code: 404, Request ID: 16F6DCB8EC9A1BF4, Extended Request ID: null) in the logs could you check s3 is configured right if you are using s3 logs.

Yes, thanks for looking into it. There was some error in my s3 bucket configuration