Google ads, breaking 3 tables for invalid data type

  • Is this your first time deploying Airbyte: No
  • OS Version / Instance: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Memory / Disk: 8Gb / 100 GB ssd
  • Deployment: Docker
  • Airbyte Version: 0.35.61-alpha
  • Source name/version: airbyte/source-google-ads: 0.1.34 (latest)
  • Destination name/version: airbyte/destination-bigquery: 1.0.5 (latest)
  • Step: normal sync.
  • Description: some fields are getting invalid data type, all 3 as Bad INT64 value, i don’t know if only our company is having this issue, but i’m willing to help with code.

Completed with 3 errors and 0 warnings:

Database Error in model campaign_labels (models/generated/airbyte_tables/airbyte_google_ads/campaign_labels.sql)
Bad int64 value: Destinos - B
compiled SQL at …/build/run/airbyte_utils/models/generated/airbyte_tables/airbyte_google_ads/campaign_labels.sql

Database Error in model ad_group_labels (models/generated/airbyte_tables/airbyte_google_ads/ad_group_labels.sql)
Bad int64 value: Centro-Oeste
compiled SQL at …/build/run/airbyte_utils/models/generated/airbyte_tables/airbyte_google_ads/ad_group_labels.sql

Database Error in model ad_group_ad_labels (models/generated/airbyte_tables/airbyte_google_ads/ad_group_ad_labels.sql)
Bad int64 value: URL Redirect
compiled SQL at …/build/run/airbyte_utils/models/generated/airbyte_tables/airbyte_google_ads/ad_group_ad_labels.sql

logs-255 google ads.txt (1.6 MB)

Are you willing to submit a PR?


Can you share one example from each stream from the raw tables? This will help us identify quicker the fields with wrong data type.

All fields are strings and in airbyte they are maped as INT64,
can we fix this?


{   "ad_group_label.resource_name":"custome95163927",
   "":"Centro-Oeste" #error here but all fields are string
   "":"Ativar dps"


   "":"Destinos - B" #error here but all fields are string


   "":"URL Redirect" # same error
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Sorry the long delay in the reply @bruno-nirello thanks for sharing the sample. It’s safe to update, are you willing to send a PR?