Guidance on generating secretId for Terraform in Airbyte source creation


When using Terraform to create Airbyte sources, the user is inquiring about the necessity of generating secretId every time and its impact on existing sources. They are obtaining access token, refresh token, and secretId from specific sources.


Hi team,
Sub : I am looking for some guidance on if I need to get secretId generated every time I run my terraform for creating airbyte sources.

I am using Terraform to create my Airbyte sources (GA4 source, Google Ads Source), big query destinations and connections between both. I am wondering if I need to provide the Access Token, Refresh Token, secret Id every time/everyday during the source creation. I am generating the access token and refresh token required from the while the secretId is generated from the Initiate OAuth API from this link :
The problem of generating the secretID every time is that it destroys my existing sources/rename them which I am not looking forward to. Can you please quickly help me in this regard.

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