Managing credentials in Terraform with Airbyte Cloud for Google Ads source


This message discusses how to manage credentials when using Terraform and Airbyte Cloud for a Google Ads source. It also questions whether credentials get updated automatically when changing the source configuration using Terraform.


Hi everyone, I was wondering how do you manage credentials when using terraform and airbyte cloud.
If we take Google Ads source as example

resource "airbyte_source_google_ads" "my_source_googleads" {
configuration = {
conversion_window_days = 14
credentials = {
access_token = "...my_access_token..."
client_id = "...my_client_id..."
client_secret = "...my_client_secret..."
developer_token = "...my_developer_token..."
refresh_token = "...my_refresh_token..."
custom_queries_array = [
query = "SELECT <|>_destination_type, campaign.advertising_channel_sub_type FROM campaign WHERE campaign.status = 'PAUSED'"
table_name = "...my_table_name..."
customer_id = "6783948572,5839201945"
customer_status_filter = [
end_date = "2017-01-30"
start_date = "2017-01-25"
definition_id = "c47ca706-1390-437c-beef-972df3c14a34"
name = "Emilio Senger"
secret_id = "...my_secret_id..."
workspace_id = "9ab276cb-ad00-4cae-a12c-4e65b57e54a2"

Credentials are required, but then in the Airbyte UI I can authenticate the connection.
So what happens if I push a source with “dummy” credentials to the UI and then authenticate it and I then use terraform to change the source further.
Do credentials get updated as well and I need to re-Auth again?

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