Understanding secretId parameter for Google OAuth in Terraform


This user is seeking clarification on the ‘secretId’ parameter used to authorize Google OAuth requests in Terraform. They are specifically asking about the expiration of the ‘secretId’ and if there is a Terraform feature to prevent the deletion of a connection when deleting an Airbyte source.


Hi all, I am using Terraform to create my airbyte sources, destinations and connectors, however I would like understand more on the “secretId” parameter that we use to authorize our Google oAuth requests.

  1. Does the “SecretID” has an expiration set? I currently use the<https://reference.airbyte.com/reference/initiateoauth| Initiate Oauth Endpoint>, go the the resulting consentURL, complete the OAuth flow and then use the secretId that is appended to the end of the redirectURL in the <https://reference.airbyte.com/reference/createsource|Create a Source >call.
  2. Do we have any feature (using Terraform) to prevent the connection from being deleted if we are trying to delete a airbyte source

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