How to manage service accounts when deploying OSS Airbyte and Prefect


I am considering running OSS Airbyte jobs from a prefect built on GKE.
If anyone knows a better way to manage the GCP service account for this, please let me know.

  • Background/policy
    Use octavia-cli for Airbyte development In this case, we recognize that we need to pass the path of the GCP service account in the configuration file.
    Deployment on GKE itself is performed by githubactions and workload identity (dbt and prefect) This is because we wanted to avoid passing the service account to each individual

  • I am having trouble with this.
    I am aware that in order to deploy Airbyte, I need to manage the service account in the Airbyte repository as well. This is fine for the DEV environment, but we don’t think we can follow the same development policy in the production environment.
    airbyte/octavia-cli at master · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub

So, when switching between prd, DEV and other environments, we would like to pass different service accounts. Is there a better way to do this