Using Kubernetes Service Account to Access S3 Buckets in Airbyte


Troubleshooting the setup of using a Kubernetes service account in Airbyte to access S3 buckets


hello :wave: is there any good documentation on setting up/troubleshooting the process of using a kubernetes service account (EKS) to access other resources such as S3 buckets. I have setup the correct policies, IAM roles, OIDC providers and K8 service accounts to access specific S3 buckets and have verified the setup independently using custom pod deployments. However I am unable to get this to function in Airbyte that is deployed on the same K8. How do i get Airbyte to use this service account ( I have also tried attaching the policies to the airbyte-admin SA with no luck)

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I was able to get this working, i had missed annotating the airbyte-admin account with the role details