How to reach a Source deployed on GKE from Airbyte?


We’ve Airbyte deployed on GCE, and some Source databases deployed on GKE, my question is what’s the best way to access to a Source hosted on GKE, when Airbyte is deployed on GCE, without exposing the Kubernetes service externally (GKE and GCE share the same VPC)?

The Source DBs are not reachable from GCE.

Maybe this: About the Cloud SQL Auth proxy  |  Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL  |  Google Cloud ?

In our environment our database is a hosted Cloud SQL instance. We deploy a container running the proxy then expose that as a service. We then point Airbyte to the service name and everything works fine. Not sure about the details of your environment but I hope this might be helpful

Hi RKdev,

Thanks for your quick reply.
I’am trying to reach some MongoDB instances as Source deployed on GKE from Airbyte deployed on GCE.

You must talk with your infra team to allow the access to your MongoDB in GKE. Probably adding a LB in front of it. You can check some guides here: Unfortunately we can provide much more information because configuring the network/connection between it involves security measurements from your company.