Incremental Loading with Composite Keys from Microsoft SQL Server to Postgres


Currently, it seems not possible out of the box to perform incremental loads with composite primary keys from Microsoft SQL Server to Postgres in Airbyte. The user is seeking advice on potential workarounds for this issue.


Hi guys! My team and I are working with Airbyte in order to extract some tables from Microsoft SQL server to Postgres. Since we have quite some large tables, we would like to load data incrementally. However, our tables have multiple (composite) primary keys. As we understand from other discussions, this seems currently not possible out of the box for this source/destination combination. Before we modify any connections ourselves, as we do not have a way to alter the source tables, and CDC seems also not possible, we were wondering if any of you ever found a way around this composite keys for incremental loads issue? Thanks!

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Build a view on top of the table that uses the composite key, and then have Airbyte source from the view?

Thanks for the reply! Yeah we were thinking the same, but we only can get read access from the source database. I guess we will think about an alternative approach.