Installing Airbyte using Helm with S3 storage type on EKS


Need help installing Airbyte using Helm with S3 storage type on EKS


Has anyone figured out how to install airbyte using Helm and make the S3 storage type work ?
The only way the worker pod starting is by setting storage type to MINIO…
Trying to install it on EKS.

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I’m working on that probalby will submit an update to the documentation soon

wow thank you !
are you planning to update the chart values?
just wonder where to look for that documentation

thanks !

while on this s3 issue, is it maybe related to the fact that I can’t conifugre s3 source in the connection ?
every bucket I try get 404 no such bucket.

I could only managed to set the worker up while using the default Minio state and logs

thanks a lot !

<@U02TQLBLDU4>, if there is any chance that while you are working on documentation update, you can publish short solution here, it would supper helpful! :relaxed: Thanks

Hope you are well.

Do you think we can eta on that ?
Also, do you think this issue effects s3 source (while switching to minio)

Thanks a lot !