Issue accessing S3 bucket with Airbyte on EKS


Error occurs when trying to access S3 bucket from Airbyte server, worker, or job despite correct AWS region settings and credentials


Trying to install OSS Community Airbyte on EKS, Helm chart version 0.64.205. We are using an annotated Service Account to grant AWS role credentials per AWS documentation for IAM roles for service accounts, and we have validated that non-Airbyte resources can access a given S3 bucket. All of our resources are in the AWS region us-east-1 - S3 bucket, IAM role, etc. All pods have us-east-1 set as the environment variables AWS_REGION and AWS_DEFAULT_REGION and we also have set to us-east-1. Whenever we try to access that S3 bucket or any other S3 bucket from Airbyte server, Airbyte Worker, or any source-check or destination-check job that gets spun up we get the same error: The authorization header is malformed; the region 'us-east-1' is wrong; expecting 'eu-west-1'
This error comes up regardless if we specify the AWS region in the source or destination config, if we specify an AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key, if we specify an endpoint, etc.

Any assistance would be very welcome.

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