Issue with docker-compose up when installing Airbyte locally on Mac


Docker-compose up command appears to be stuck with continuous airbyte-temporal messages. User is concerned if there is an issue.


Hi all. I’m new to Airbyte. Trying to install Airbyte locally on my mac using docker. First, I installed docker desktop on my mac. Then, I followed the instructions here (, placing the first set of code in terminal.

git clone
cd airbyte
docker-compose up

the git clone goes fine, but then docker-compose up appears to never end. I keep seeing new airbyte-temporal messages being worked through. It’s been nearly an hour now. Does this mean there is something wrong?

Here is the last two messages:
airbyte-temporal | {“level”:“info”,“ts”:“2024-02-17T18:16:11.959Z”,“msg”:“none”,“service”:“matching”,“component”:“matching-engine”,“wf-task-queue-name”:“/_sys/CONNECTION_UPDATER/3”,“wf-task-queue-type”:“Workflow”,“wf-namespace”:“default”,“lifecycle”:“Stopped”,“logging-call-at”:“task_queue_manager.go:363”}
airbyte-temporal | {“level”:“info”,“ts”:“2024-02-17T18:16:31.574Z”,“msg”:“none”,“service”:“matching”,“component”:“matching-engine”,“wf-task-queue-name”:“/_sys/temporal-sys-processor-parent-close-policy/3”,“wf-task-queue-type”:“Workflow”,“wf-namespace”:“temporal-system”,“lifecycle”:“Stopped”,“logging-call-at”:“task_queue_manager.go:363”}

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you need to run docker-compose up -d to start the container in detached mode

otherwise you’ll just be looking at the container logs