Issue with Helm deployment when specifying custom database values.yml


The user is experiencing timeouts during Helm deployment when specifying a custom database in the values.yml file. The provided values.yml file includes configurations for an external database and a secret, but there may be errors causing the timeout.


We try to deploy from Helm to our K8s. It works fine if we don’t specify a values.yml. But if i specify a values.yml for a custom database it times out on the Helm deploy. Any obvious errors with the below values.yml file please?

  # Change the value from true to false.
  enabled: false
  # Add the host, username and database name you're using.
  host: ds-postgres-service
  user: postgres
  database: postgres
  password: ""
  existingSecret: "db-secrets"
  existingSecretPasswordKey: "DATABASE_PASSWORD"
  port: 5432
  jdbcUrl: ""
    secretName: "db-secrets"
    secretValue: "DATABASE_PASSWORD"
    host: ds-postgres-service
    port: 5432
    database: postgres```
```apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: db-secrets
type: Opaque
  DATABASE_PASSWORD: password```



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