Issue with Linkedin Ads pipeline granularity levels


The user is experiencing an issue with the granularity levels in the Linkedin Ads pipeline, where the pivotValue is showing at the sponsoredCampaign level instead of the expected account level. They are seeking clarification on the expected output based on different granularity levels and setup tips.



I’ve been on setting up two Linkedin Ads channels. One on the account level and one using at the granularity of the campaign level.

The problem is that for the account level pipeline, it still shows the pivotValue on sponsoredCampaing level. I expected that this would be account level.

I went trough the Linkedin and Airbyte docs, but could not find the answer I am looking for.

Does anyone has some pointers on:
• What to expect in terms of output, when selecting a granularity level (Account, Campaign etc.)?
• Any tips on the setup?

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