Issue with Salesforce Connector and Data Discrepancy


The user is experiencing data discrepancies with the Salesforce connector, where records are missing in Salesforce at midnight but appear at 9am with timestamps indicating they were created the day before. They are questioning if there is a problem with the connector.


Is anyone else experiencing problems with the salesforce connector?
DBT was highlighting a mismatch in records. we pull the records in airbyte at midnight and are finding that some records are in our local database but not in salesforce. However, when I pull again at 9am the records do exist and they have a created_at timestamp for the day before and system modified timestamp at 5am. Is there a problem with the connector?
• in backend DB at midnight
• NOT in salesforce at midnight
• in salesforce at 9am
◦ created at date for yesterday
◦ system mod timestamp at 5 am

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