Issue with Schema Change Detection in Postgres and BigQuery connections


Schema change detection issue in Postgres and BigQuery connections, inconsistency in detection, seeking detailed information on DiscoverSchema functionality


Hi everyone !
Got an issue on the schema change detection. Got a connection on a Postgres and BigQuery.
Sometimes the schema change is detected (appear as a flag in the “replication” tab), sometimes it’s not.
May be expected depending on how DiscoverSchema works, but I did not find any detailed information on that (
Has anyone faced something similar ?
Many thanks in advance !

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How quickly are you checking Airbyte after updating Postgres? Airbyte automatically checks for schema changes before a since, but at most once every 24 hours.

You can click the “Refresh Source Schema” button on the replication tab to check it manually sooner than that, though.|

Hello !
Thanks for your reply !
I was checking Airbyte right after updating a postgres source (changing the schema). Got it for the “Refresh Source Schema” manually.
Actually I’m using the API to handle the change (got 100s of connections to update).
A bit on the side, but our problem was:
• we wanted to update the source of 100s of connections.
• we do that through the API
• the update was only caught from time to time. we realize that it was caught only when a “refresh sourced” was caught during a previous sync.
• to force the update, we are refreshing the cache for the connection before making the update (with ignore_cache)