Mongo source connector in alpha stage and future plan

Hi (-:

We are investigating Airbyte to replace a “homemade” ETL script from our OLTP database (Mongo) to Snowflake.

But currently, the Mongo source connector is in the alpha stage, and we can’t seem to find it in the roadmap as well (not in planned or future).

Supporting SaaS connectors is great but I think OLTP databases (Postgres and Mongo) are super critical and are a big pain point. For example, Fivetran could be nice for SaaS sources, but when you consider it for OLTP sources with m-a-n-y rows for a collection/table, their pricing model breaks.

Maybe I am missing something here, but IMHO, OLTP source sync is the most interesting (game-changing) element compared to the big players (Stitch, Fivetran and others…).

Any education on the subject would be much appreciated.