Persistent error syncing Google Analytics custom reports to Snowflake


Error message indicates invalid identifier ‘STARTDATE’ despite it not existing in Snowflake table or stream replication. Troubleshooting steps taken include dropping ‘airbyteinternal’ table and resyncing. Versions used: Airbyte 0.54.0, Google Analytics 4 connector 2.4.2, Snowflake connector 3.6.2.


Hey everyone,
I’ve encountered a persistent error while syncing Google Analytics custom reports to Snowflake. The error message I’m receiving is:
java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: SQL compilation error: error line 159 at position 103 invalid identifier 'STARTDATE' in SYSTEM$MULTISTMT at 'throw Execution of multiple statements failed on statement {0} (at line {1}, position {2})..replace('{1}', LINES[i])' position 4
Despite thorough checks, I couldn’t find any column named ‘STARTDATE’ in either my Snowflake table or stream replication. I’ve even tried dropping the ‘airbyteinternal’ table and resyncing, but the issue persists.
Versions I’m using:
• Airbyte open source version: 0.54.0
• Google Analytics 4 connector version: 2.4.2
• Snowflake connector version: 3.6.2
I have attached the logs file. Any insights on how to troubleshoot and resolve this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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