PR standards conformity and review request


User is seeking confirmation on whether their PR conforms to standards and looking for someone to review it.


Looking to confirm that my PR conforms to standards here, as well as if there is anyone I could reach out to for review

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To ensure your PR conforms to Airbyte’s standards, you should follow the guidelines provided in the documentation. Here are some key points: 1. Rebase master with your branch before submitting a pull request. 2. Follow the title convention for Pull Requests. 3. Link to an existing Issue that does not include the needs triage label to your Pull Request. A pull request without a linked issue will be closed, otherwise. 4. Write a PR title and description that follows the Pull Request Handbook and Pull Request Template. 5. Wait for a review from a community maintainer or the Airbyte team. For getting your PR reviewed, you can wait for a community maintainer or the Airbyte team to review it. Reviews are done on a regular basis. If you need to expedite the process, you can reach out to the Airbyte team through the #help-connector-development channel on Slack or submit a PR Request through the Help Center Open Source Enterprise Support Request form if you have an OSS support package. Please note that submitting a PR does not guarantee its merge. The Airbyte support team will conduct an initial review, and if the PR aligns with Airbyte’s roadmap, it will be prioritized based on team capacities and priorities. Sources: - Contributing to Airbyte - Pull Request Handbook - Airbyte Enterprise (self-hosted) Support