Problems to pass the Facebook App review

→ I’m trying to pass the Facebook app review to extract data from instagram api, I already submited a review, but got denied, 'cause they alleged airbyte doesn’t have a facebook login button. how can I solve this?

  • Is this your first time deploying Airbyte?: No
  • Source name/version: Instagram
  • Destination name/version:
  • Step: The issue is happening during sync, creating the connection or a new source?
  • Description: Problems to pass the Facebook App review

Hi @Pedrolrbr,

Were you following this documentation when setting up the Instagram connector?

I haven’t seen other users encounter this issue, but I’ll look into it. While I’m doing that, could you look over this post regarding the Facebook Marketing connector and see if it could help?

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I can confirm that Facebook now refuses App Verification if they are unable to find the Facebook Login button for testing during their review.

This is different to how they reviewed apps just two month ago, when the instructions from where sufficient.

Thanks for the update! Could you link me to the Facebook documentation on this? I’ll raise a GitHub issue and bring this to the attention of the team!

I got this link from Facebook reviewers:

I’ve created an issue and will inquire with the engineering team about this:

hey @natalyjazzviolin, did you manage to get a reply from the FB team about this? still encountering similar issues during the app review process, which makes the connector unusable for us