Source Facebook Marketing with Airbyte OSS - App Review for Advanced Access

Hello Airbyte Community!

I’ve been following the official documentation (Facebook Marketing | Airbyte Documentation) and this post (How to get your Facebook App reviewed to use with Facebook Marketing connector) to get my Facebook Marketing app verified for advanced access, in order to avoid rate-limit throttling.

During the “App Review” process, it’s required to provide access to the working app, including credentials, for a Facebook employee to review. In our case, the “app” is just a Dockerized Airbyte instance running on an EC2 behind a VPN (and SSH).
Also, unfortunately, the demo website ( that could have been used for demonstration purposes seems to be down consistently.

What’s the best way to grant Facebook access & get the app verified in this situation?

Is it necessary to deploy a new public Airbyte instance with a unique username/password just for the Facebook team to test this standard use-case? I’m concerned I might be overcomplicating the process or misunderstanding its purpose, I believe what I have here really is an absolute standard use-case.

I’d greatly appreciate any advice or success stories from fellow community members who have navigated this process. Thanks in advance!

in my case, attaching the ( worked for me. I did not have to share any credentials. Ensure you record the screen as explained in the link How to get your Facebook App reviewed to use with Facebook Marketing connector and answer all other question to the best of your ability. The facebook team will let you know if they need more clarity into your need.

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