Regarding jdbc url parameters for MSSQL Connector

Hi Team, we are using airbyte 0.35.60-alpha verion running in kubernetes, we have question regarding jdbc url parameters for MSSQL Connector.

We have to connect to source MSSQL server where we have to pass additional jdbc url parameters for directing the queries to read replicas instead of primary node.

This can be acheived by passing additional parameters with primary node string.

The above parameters would direct the queries to read replicas.

However, there is no option for passing these parameters for MSSQL connector(I see the option is enabled for snowflake connector in airbyte), Can the connection string be constructed in such a way that connections can be offload to the ReadReplica by passing above parameter for MSSQL connector? (just like snowflake connector)


Please upgrade connector to version 0.1.18 version? The JDBC parameter is available in this version, in 0.1.19 is not showing because of a bug. I’m going to work to fix it.

Thanks Team. I am able to update connector and able to pass the jdbc url parameters.

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