Setting up PostgreSQL source/destination with Python support


Inquiring about setting up PostgreSQL as a source/destination with Python support


Hi, is any way to set up the new PostgreSQL source/destination with Python? Is it supported?

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As in you want to build a new PostgreSQL source and/or destination connector in Python yourself and use it in an Airbyte OSS cluster? You could do that, you’d just have to give them a unique name, ie source-postgresql-python

I mean: I have 10 DB’s on 2 servers. Would like to add them as a source with python.

Any specific reason you must use Python source as opposed to existing certified Java source-postgres? You don’t have to run any java on your servers obv, as long as the connector can reach your DB servers network and authenticate, that’s fine.

I am writing code in python. So I gust want to add source and target not manually but with some programming language.

Is it possible? Which languages are supported?

Ah, so you need to programmatically tell Airbyte to create connections using certain sources and then sync data from your 10 Postgres databases?

Yep, definitely possible — Airbyte has an API that you could use to spin up new connections or schedule syncs on existing connections.

I think you want this:

How I can see some python example with relation to postgres or mysql