Source code for mongodb-v2 connector and customization guidance


The user is looking for the source code of the mongodb-v2 connector in Airbyte to make modifications for their DocumentDB connection. They also seek guidance on customizing existing connectors or creating new ones.


Hi everyone,
I’m working with the Airbyte installation Bash script and noticed that the docker-compose.yml file includes several images, including the mongodb-v2 connector. I’ve been searching through Airbyte’s repositories on GitHub but haven’t been able to locate the specific source code for the mongodb-v2 connector.
My goal is to modify this connector to run some tests and potentially contribute improvements. Specifically, I need to change the part of the code that deals with allowDiskUse because it is not supported for my DocumentDB connection.
Could anyone point me to where I can find the source code for the mongodb-v2 connector or any relevant documentation on how this image is packaged? Additionally, I would appreciate guidance on how to modify this connector or create my own customized connector.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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