Source Zendesk: "ERROR .... Sync worker failed.Error while Syncing"

I have created source for Zendesk Support. It fetches data and commits into MSSQL DB Destination. but it gives me following error.

2022-03-25 09:22:02 ERROR i.a.w.DefaultReplicationWorker(run):168 - Sync worker failed.

java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: io.airbyte.workers.DefaultReplicationWorker$SourceException: Source process exited with non-zero exit code 1

at java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture.reportGet( ~[?:?]

Please @alpana2712 upload the complete error log file. The lines you submitted are only indicating the Source failed and cancel the process.

I was trying to do that but it says …new users cant upload :frowning:

The issue with user uploads should be fixed; if you can add them here please do so.

Let us know if you need any further help here Alpana.