Sync keeps logging Setting docker job mdc

Is this your first time deploying Airbyte : Yes
OS Version / Instance : Ubuntu 20.04
Memory / Disk : 7.5Gb
Deployment : Docker
Airbyte Version : 0.29.15-alpha
Source name/version : Jira 0.2.10
Destination name/version : Postgresql 0.3.10
Step : Sync
Description :
I choose to sync a couple of entities from Jira, after about 30K records were synced it stopped fetching any records and the only thing I see in the logs is this 2021-09-09 13:37:28 INFO () LogClientSingleton(setJobMdc):146 - Setting docker job mdc. The connection is running for the last ~5hours did anyone else faced the same issue?

Slack convo

This error is not related to your source or destination but a problem with the worker. It was solved in version 0.29.17-alpha please upgrade your Airbyte instance.
You can follow the Github issue here.