Sync connector with new version of private docker image

I have private hosted source that I can connect and use, but cannot understand if it is possible for airbyte UI to update my image without changing the tag of the source.

  1. I have hosted on GCP docker images I am using on airbyte.
  2. I have build source-connector with tag latest.
  3. I have connector that uses this source and I want to update the image that it uses.

I cannot see if it is possible to do that from the UI without changing the tag.
Is there in general way of syncing private source with underling docker image using latest tag?
Is in general way to edit source? For example, if I add a new required field to the spec.yam can I go to the settings and save value for in the airbyte UI?

Hey @isavita, in my experience of developing connectors locally I’ve noticed that I can input the same tag and click update. Have you tried that?

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