Trouble updating low-code source connector in Airbyte


User is facing issues updating an existing low-code source connector in Airbyte. The user has followed steps to update the connector but is missing the deployment part and the changes are not reflecting. User is seeking help to identify the missing steps.


Hi Team,
can someone please help me I want to update the existing low-code source-connector. These are the steps i followed but i missing the deployment part

  1. I have downloaded Airbyte from git
  2. updated the existing low-code connector with the new streams, which i want to add
  3. Bump the dockerfile version and metadata.yml with new dockerImageTag
  4. I started the airbyte using
    But i still see the older source version without my changes not the new one, What steps i am missing i am not able to find proper answer in the documentation. Can someone please help me

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