Testing custom connectors with docker image upload


The user is inquiring about the feature to test custom connectors by uploading their docker image.


Hi, I found this link https://docs.airbyte.com/integrations/custom-connectors where there is a feature where I can test my connector by uploading its docker image. Is that still available?

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Yes, the feature to test your connector by uploading its Docker image is still available. You can build your own Airbyte connectors and upload a Docker-based custom connector if the connector catalog does not fulfill your needs. Here are the steps to do that: 1. Host your custom connectors image on a private Docker registry. Airbyte needs to pull its Docker images from a remote Docker registry to consume a connector. You can create a private Docker registry using services like Google Cloud’s Artifact Registry, AWS’s Amazon ECR, Azure’s Container Registry, DockerHub’s Repositories, or a self-hosted open-source Docker Registry. Source 2. Authenticate your Airbyte instance to your private Docker registry. You can use the docker login command to authenticate your local/CI environment and Airbyte instance. Source 3. Once you have a private Docker registry hosting your custom connector image and have authenticated your Airbyte instance to your private Docker registry, you can pull your connector image from your private registry to validate the previous steps. 4. In the Airbyte UI, go to the Admin section, and click on [+ New connector] on the top right. You will be asked for the display name, the Docker repository name (repository + image name), tag, and documentation URL for that connector. Once this is filled, you will see your connector in the UI and your team will be able to use it, from the UI and Airbyte’s API too. Source 5. If you are developing a connector locally, you can add it to Airbyte by running the ./run-ab-platform command in your local airbyte repository, then build the connector image using the airbyte-ci tool. Once the command is done, you will find your connector image in your local docker host. Source Please refer to the provided sources for detailed instructions.

If you’re using OSS yes it’s possible

and how can I use it?

I’m running OSS and I would like to publish some connectors we developed using the Connector Builder to the entire deployment (all workspaces) is that possible?

We are deploying Airbyte using Plural.sh