Adding locally built connector to Airbyte instance


How to add a locally built connector to an Airbyte instance running locally


<@U04SE163WC8> I’ve built a connector using the low-code SDK locally, and I’d like to test it out. How can I add this connector to my Airbyte instance running locally? I’ve build the Docker image for the container using the airbyte-ci tool.

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To add your locally developed connector to your Airbyte instance, you can follow these steps: 1. Run the following command in your local airbyte repository: ./run-ab-platform This command will start your local Airbyte instance. 2. Build the connector image using the airbyte-ci tool. You’ve mentioned that you’ve already done this. The command to build the connector image is: airbyte-ci connectors --name source-&lt;source-name&gt; build Once the command is done, you will find your connector image in your local docker host: airbyte/source-&lt;source-name&gt;:dev. 3. Visit your local Airbyte instance in your browser at <http://localhost:8000/>. 4. Log in with the default user airbyte and default password password. 5. Go to Settings (gear icon in lower left corner). 6. Go to Sources or Destinations (depending on which connector you are testing). 7. Update the version number to use your docker image tag (default is dev). 8. Click Change to save the changes. Now when you run a sync with that connector, it will use your local docker image. Please note that your built docker image must be accessible to the docker daemon running on the Airbyte node. If you’re doing this locally, these instructions are sufficient. Otherwise, you may need to push your Docker image to Dockerhub. Sources: - Developing Locally - Use the Connector in Airbyte

I’m not sure about Step 7. How do I update the version number? The source is not showing up in my Sources list

In Settings → Sources or Destinations you can add a new connector