Trouble connecting to Postgres destination


The user is facing difficulties connecting to a Postgres destination, encountering a ‘Server temporarily unavailable’ error. They are inquiring about the lowest version tested with this connector.


Hi Team,
I am trying to use Postgres as a destination and I am having hard time making connection to our rdbms server.
The only log that I can get out of the pod that’s trying to esatblish connection is:

Using existing AIRBYTE_ENTRYPOINT: /airbyte/
Waiting on CHILD_PID 7
Liveness probe is set to 20s. What’s the lowest version that has been tested with this connector? Our rdbms is in 9.6.1 version.

```Server temporarily unavailable (http.502.bYkcDfXuzwxVB2BdQoQanL)```



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The ephemeral container which was created doesn’t have any failure logs.

    reason: PodCompleted
    reason: PodCompleted
    reason: PodCompleted
        reason: Completed
        reason: Completed
        reason: Completed
        reason: Completed
        reason: Completed```