Trouble using Salesforce as sourceType with Airbyte API


Encountering status 500 error when trying to use Salesforce as sourceType with Airbyte API. Error response indicates an unexpected problem. Need help troubleshooting.



I’m trying to use, using Salesforce as sourceType. But all I’m getting is status 500 out of it. I’ve tried many settings either on the request body and on salesforce as well, but none of them could return a positive response (status 200).

I could set it easily using “airtable” as source, only salesforce is giving me this hard time.

Here’s the error response:
{"statusCode":500,"type":"<>","status":500,"title":"unexpected-problem","detail":"An unexpected problem has occurred. The issue has been recorded and our team is looking into it."}
Does anyone know how to fix it?

I’ll leave attached some screenshots about the situation

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