Troubleshooting Google Sheets authentication issue in Airbyte Terraform setup


The user is encountering an ‘Invalid Attribute Type’ error when configuring Google Sheets as a source in Airbyte using Terraform. They are specifically having issues with the credentials block for service account authentication.


I am working on automating data synchronization between Google Sheets and Teradata Vantage using Airbyte with Terraform. My goal is to set up a source in Airbyte for Google Sheets, but I am encountering configuration issues specifically with Google Sheets authentication.

Here is the configuration code I have set up in|

  required_providers {
    airbyte = {
      source = "airbytehq/airbyte"
      version = "0.3.3"

provider "airbyte" {
  // If running on Airbyte Cloud, 
  // generate &amp; save your API key from <>
  bearer_auth = var.api_key

resource "airbyte_source_google_sheets" "my_source_gsheets" {
  configuration = {
    source_type = "google-sheets"
    credentials = {
      auth_type = "Service"
      service_account_info = var.google_private_key
    names_conversion = true,
    spreadsheet_id = var.spreadsheet_id
  name = "googlesheets_from_api"
  workspace_id = var.workspace_id
When running terraform apply, I receive the following error:
```➜  terraform_airbyte terraform apply
│ Error: Invalid Attribute Type
│   with airbyte_source_google_sheets.my_source_gsheets,
│   on <|> line 16, in resource "airbyte_source_google_sheets" "my_source_gsheets":
│   16: resource "airbyte_source_google_sheets" "my_source_gsheets" {
│ Attribute configuration.credentials value must have exactly one child attribute defined,
│ got:
│ {"source_google_sheets_authentication_authenticate_via_google_o_auth":&lt;null&gt;,"source_google_sheets_authentication_service_account_key_authentication":&lt;null&gt;,"source_google_sheets_update_authentication_authenticate_via_google_o_auth":&lt;null&gt;,"source_google_sheets_update_authentication_service_account_key_authentication":&lt;null&gt;}```
I am following the quickstart tutorial which recommends using docs to retrieve configuration attributes, and I am using those docs to figure out the attributes. However I am unsure of what I am doing wrong.

1. Is my configuration for the `credentials` block in the `airbyte_source_google_sheets` resource correct for service account authentication?
2. How should the `credentials` block be structured to avoid the "Invalid Attribute Type" error?
3. Are there any known issues or additional steps I should be aware of when configuring Google Sheets as a source in Airbyte via Terraform?
Any assistance or insights into resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!



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